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Martingale dog collars are also known as Greyhound or Sighthound collars and perfect for use when walking on the lead.  They were originally designed for Sighthounds because their necks are larger than their head and they can often slip out of buckle collars.  They provides more control by stopping your dog from backing out of the collar by gently closing up when the dog pulls on the lead.
When fitted properly the collar should pull close together but the two d-loops should never quite touch, then when not in use the collar will be comfortably loose. For further information on fitting Martingale (with pictures) see our Information and Help page.

All Silver Peacock Martingale collars are either 1 ½" (4 cm) or 2" (5 cm) wide to minimise the pressure on delicate hound necks. Please note however we do not recommend the narrower 1½" version for larger and/or strong; keen or nervous dogs for their own comfort and safety.

Made from sturdy nylon webbing, they are carefully wrapped with a lining fabric (usually cotton blend) and then the decorative fabric, and finished with sturdy , metal fittings, purpose designed to our own specifications to create both a beautiful and comfortable item for your dog. Silver Peacock is careful to ensure that all webbing is covered to stop rubbing and chaffing of delicate necks!


We carefully source the best fabrics for these collars from all over the world, to bring you an amazing range of styles and types including Chinese satin brocade, Indian Sari, and designer printed cottons (including Kaffe Fassett, Alexander Henry and Robert Kauffman designs). Please also note that these fabrics are purchased in very small quantities, so that each design is an extremely limited edition

And best of all you can hand wash most these collars in mild detergent, or in a  washing machine on a gentle cycle, in a knotted pillowcase, and let them air dry. For more details on caring for our collars please see our Information and Help page.

Exclusive Designs 

The fabrics used to make these collars has been designed either in-house, by us, or by talented artists creating fabrics exclusively for us - you'll not find these designs anywhere else!
Woodland collars Pitch collars
Jamboree collars   Lively collars
coming soon! Vary collars Soulful collars
  Till collars Leveret collars
 Rawdon collars Quantum collars
Happy Hares collars
Tillside collars
Meadow collars Argent collars
Flutter collars Greenwich collars

SP Classics

Some of the fabrics we buy are so loved by our customers that we do our best to keep them in stock for as long as we can continue to obtain the fabric - We've now collected them into their own range!
Aten collars Clovius collar -  6 colours
 Lovett collars    Magellan collars
Usagi collars Vibert collars
Agate collars Fontana collar
Blenheim collar   Calico Jack


We've always been trend setters here at SP and our Tweed collar range is no exception! Often imitated these days but never bettered these designs are a SP staple. All the collars are made from British woven 100% wool from well known (like Harris tweed) and not so well known (Welsh and Manx Tweed) weaving locations, are really hard wearing and loved by fashion conscious hounds.

Skateraw collars Gledholt collars
 Easton collars  Lingard collars
Nettleton collars  Rodel collars
Borve collars  Till collars
 Gillen collars Cubley collars
   Slieve collars Bramhope collar
Melbost collars  Hallin collars
Pannal collars Laxdale collars
Swinton collars Maenan collars

Printed Cotton

These fun and funky cotton fabrics are great for everyday use, but without compromising on style. Amongst the range there are designer fabrics and eye-catching designs that will really make your hound stand out from the crowd!

    Kapsen collars
Berwick collars Hamelton collars
Loundres collars Ganton collars
 Zenith collars  Whitworth collars
 Pule collars August collars 
 Carter collars  Jobert collars
   Mel collars   Wolsen collars
 Gladwyne collars  Ryburn collars
Tamura collars  Prairie collars
 Hexham collars Pangolin collars
Fortnum collars    Tudor collars
Orsini collars Chambers collars
 Millais collars Oakshaw collars
Hive collars    Wells collars
Japanese kimono fabrics

From the very outset we have been buying fabrics from a wonderful kimono dealer in Japan, now we have enough fabrics to offer a full range!

Momoiro collars Enkan collars

Kacha collars

Umeha collars
Michiko collars   Cho collars

Indian Sari Fabrics

This range are made from the most beautiful silk / cotton blend Sari fabrics imported from India. Most have metallic threads within their designs - the photos really don't do them justice.  These collars are made from delicate fabrics and therefore are best suited to "posh" days rather than every day!

 Targon collars Kurma collars
Balghat collars  Morvi collars
     Bidar collars
 Aditi collars   Simha collars

Chinese Brocades

Made from imported Chinese woven brocade, all these heavy satin fabrics have a lustrous, shiny finish that makes them really eye-catching! We only buy small quantities of any of these fabrics, so we will only ever make a few of each design, making each one really special. These collars are perfect for posh days as they are more delicate than many of our collars...

    Xunsu collars Haofu collars
 Han collars  Liu collars
 Benu collars   Khan collars
Longjing collars Kanji collars


A great selection of collars created with specific times of year in mind - St. Valentine's Day, Hallowe'en and lots more - but also perfect for any time of year!

Dunkeld collars Asterius collars
 Eostra collars  Pascha collars
 Boo! collars Updated!  Blarney collars
 Circe collars Gremalkin collar
Cupid collars    

And Finally ... but by no means least!

This is where you will find all the other unique designs, ranging from silk brocades to woven Ikats and batiks - there are some real gems amongst these.

Edison collars    
Sybold collars   Byron collars
 Elvine slub silk collar  -  Now in 18 Colours!!  Baronet collars - 9 colours!
  Byfore collars Standon collars

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